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Brouwerij West: Crafting a Legacy of Vision and Community

Updated: Jul 9

In the heart of San Pedro, California, Brouwerij West is more than just a brewery—it's a case study in visionary entrepreneurship and community impact. Founders Brian Mercer and Dave Holop turned a dormant WWII warehouse into a thriving craft beer destination and community hub. This transformation, however, was not solely their doing; it was made possible by the strategic insights of Adrian Morales Veliz, a key player in small business development in Los Angeles.

Brian and Dave's journey began with a passion for craft beer and a bold vision to create a brewery that would serve as a cornerstone of community life. They found the perfect location in an unused WWII warehouse in San Pedro, a space rich with history and potential. Yet, the dream of transforming this space into a state-of-the-art brewery required substantial funding.

Initially, Brian and Dave considered Long Beach for their venture, attracted by its vibrant community and market potential. However, their encounter with Adrian Morales Veliz shifted their trajectory. Adrian, a seasoned expert in economic development, brought a wealth of knowledge and a strategic mindset that proved to be a game-changer. His work, highlighted on, underscores his innovative approach to small business assistance and community empowerment.

Adrian's ability to navigate and secure the right funding sources was crucial. He meticulously identified funding options that aligned with Brouwerij West’s vision, attracting investors who valued both financial returns and community development. Adrian’s strategic guidance ensured that Brian and Dave could secure the necessary capital to bring their vision to life.

Today, Brouwerij West is more than a brewery; it is a vibrant community space that hosts events, supports local artists, and serves as a gathering place. It exemplifies the impact of visionary entrepreneurship and strategic collaboration. Brian Mercer, reflecting on their journey, aptly stated, "Brouwerij West is open today because of Mr. Adrian Morales Veliz. His tireless efforts, city relationships, and profound insight were invaluable to our construction, funding, and permitting of the brewery."

Recently, Adrian, Dave, and Brian have reignited their collaboration, and there are exciting new developments on the horizon that promise to elevate Brouwerij West even further. This renewed partnership is set to bring innovative advancements that will continue to enrich the community and expand the brewery’s reach.

Adrian's role in the creation and ongoing evolution of Brouwerij West is a testament to his influence on the Los Angeles entrepreneurial landscape. His work continues to inspire and empower entrepreneurs, particularly those from BIPOC communities, driving economic growth and cultural vitality.

For entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries, the story of Brouwerij West and Adrian Morales Veliz offers a powerful example of what can be achieved through strategic vision, collaboration, and community focus.

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